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My first novel 'INHERITANCE' has been enjoyed by many readers and the follow up novel 'Deception' is on sale and has received positive comments. Questions and comments go to contacts page.

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About Angelo Mifsud

Angelo Mifsud (1946) Maltese born grew up in the inner suburbs of Sydney Australia. He started his working career as a Wood Machinist. He then served in the Royal Australian Air Force, a public servant and consultant until retirement.
He published "An Index for the Bonsai Focus Magazine" in 2013, a reference tool for bonsai beginners and artists. His debut novel "Inheritance" in 2014 and another Bonsai reference tool "An index for the International Bonsai Magazine"
He is currently writing the follow up novel to Inheritance, which is expected to be published by the beginning of 2016.

Angelo is married with two children, and he and his wife have seven grandchildren. They live in the Australian Capital Territory, Australia.

Angelo is a member of the ACT Writers Centre and the Canberra Bonsai Society  .

Angelo Mifsud's photo on home page by John Lowry


In 1988 Angelo became interested in the art of bonsai. He joined the Canberra Bonsai Society  where he served on the executive as treasurer off and on for six years. He became a director and secretary of the Association of Australian Bonsai Clubs Ltd.

Life Member

In 2014 the Canberra Bonsai Society awarded Life Membership to Angelo.

Nancy Stackpoole 'Why' Award

He was awarded the Nancy Stackpoole 'Why' Award in 2013 in recognition of advice, instruction and sharing.

The Shirley McLachlan Award

He was awarded this Award in:

2006  for his contribution to the Society.

2013 for the role as director for the Australian National Convention 'The Australian Journey'.

The Author Life

Angelo's writing career began while serving in the RAAF. It began with a challenge and dare from a colleague in 1977. His mother always encouraged him to read, and his favourite book is 'One Thousands and One Arabian Nights'.

He, on accepting the challenge, wrote the first draft in two months, mainly written at night, and provided a chapter to his colleague every few days. And much to his amazement his colleague enjoyed the rough draft he'd written. With the first draft completed he realised that the manuscript needed much more work, and it was there the his real journey began. Work took priority in his life, although he edited the manuscript at various times but was hard and long road. It wasn't till he retired that he the time to devote to complete and publish the novel 'Inheritance' in June 2014.

The second novel, Deception, is now published, and continues on where Inheritance leaves off.