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The only thing Nick Kenby wants is revenge and his Inheritance, but first he has to take control of his inheritance from his Aunt, Mary Jamieson. His mother, before passing away, told him the story of his father and Mary. She organises him to stay with her to control and soften his resolve. On the second day of his stay Mary’s maid is murdered. Nick is suspected of the violent murder and Mary is only too happy to point the finger, and accuse him. Nick struggles with the violence, intrigue, drugs, police corruption, and his own survival.

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Inspector Ainsworth with the recent eight murders solved, including that of his Chief Inspector, attempts to arrest Mary Jamieson the mastermind, but finds she has disappeared. She has changed back to her real identity, that of Susan Burchett. Brazenly, she steals Nick Kenby’s, Mary’s nephew, inheritance and flees to Switzerland. With a secret Swiss bank account, she boards an international flight and meets Peter Sullivan, a man who has all the answers, or so it seems. Inspector follows her; he has a score to settle but arrives to find she has disappeared once more. A Pandora’s box is opened in the search for Susan with unexpected consequences… Deceit, Intrigue and a mystery with a twist. Deception is the companion novel to the same author’s debut novel Inheritance; and brings it to finality.

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An Index of the Bonsai Focus Magazine

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The Index of the Bonsai Focus Magazine is developed as a research and support resource for all Bonsai enthusiasts whether beginners, advanced or masters involved in the art of Bonsai.

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An Index Of The Bonsai International Magazine

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An index of Keywords and Articles for the popular International Bonsai Magazine.  It brings together a useful research tool for the bonsai beginner and experienced alike. The index displays an index of keywords found in articles for each issue of the magazine from 1979 to 2015. 


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Touring and Vehicle Record Book

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The Touring and Vehicle Record Book. Provides space for touring notes, Mileage, fuel and oil consumption, and cost.

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