Below is my Work-In-Progress. I am currently writing two novels. The first, novel number one is close to completing the first draft. It is not ideal to have two works together but I have a very never reason. While planning my current novel in progress I had an story idea that hounded me day and night until a sat down and wrote an outline, about a page, So having done that I continued on the story and plot of the first novel, but my thoughts keep returning to the second novel. So the only way I can get peace of mind is to start on the narrative and continue to work on novel one. Each day I jot down another scene to novel two and realise that it is going to be, at the moment, a thirteen book series, but until then I can now progress my current novel one to finality.

Novel in Progress - Number one


The picture on the left is a sample of the novel's location. The main character is an Archaeologist searching for knowledge.

Who is Doctor Westcott? 

Will Erika Smith find the story she is looking for?

What is Sergeant's Ahmed role in the investigation?

Novel in progress - Number Two


The pictures on the left hopefully provides a clue to the theme, but the plot will be full of conflict, hope, catastrophe and upheaval.

 I hope you will join me here from time to time, I will update the information here on current and new projects to share with you where we will go and the mysteries behind the stories.

Thank you for visiting and see you soon.