The Inspector Ainsworth Mystery Series

About Inspector Jeff Ainsworth

A young and upcoming detective with the New South Wales Police Force. Promoted to Detective-Sergeant and assigned to the famed Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) under Chief Superintendent Michael O'Dea. He did not know much about his father as his mother and his biological father split up when he was very young. His mother moved to Darwin, Australia, met his step-father, married and Jeff took his step father's name.
When he joined the CIB and came with a reputation of a heavy drinker, but he did his job and that was all that mattered as far as his superiors were concerned. He was  a ladies man and many women, young and old, fight for his attentions, which he exploits for his satisfaction.



In the first novel of the series, 'INHERITANCE', Jeff meets a very intelligent and cunning criminal, who begins a series of murders to steal a young naïve man's inheritance which she now controls. In solving the case Detective Sergeant Ainsworth is promoted to Inspector after the horrendous murder of his superior, which brings a change to his attitude. He now has a responsibility and romance has hit him face on, which his new friend has some involvement.


The second of the series is Deception, which gives the protagonist credit for planning the escape from police arrest for involvement in the murders, drug dealing, and the corruption of police and politicians.
Ainsworth has to travel overseas to find the protagonist and bring them to justice. But, it does not go to his plan. He has to deal with foreign police forces, who are only interested in protecting their patch. He works hard to win their confidence, but again the protagonist disappears which leads him onto a chase through Europe and Australia.

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