Work(s) In Progress

Below is my up and coming releases and work-in-progress. Currently, I am writing my next novel, which is nearing completion of the first draft. Expecting it will be ready for publishing in May 2019.


On the left are some of the locations featured in my next novel.

The main character, a British secret service agent, teams up with an Archaeologist who is searching for lost ancient scripts.

1961, at the height of the cold war, an Archaeologist searches for scrolls and manuscripts thought lost in 391 A.D., and kept hidden and protected by a special community. A project creates interest amongst the world's spy agencies. While the Archaeologist searches for her goal, a murder of a spy is about to spark an international incident. The local police investigate the murder but the Government suppresses the investigation with the expectation of the murder to fade away. A military coup occurs which brings the spotlight on the Government and along with it the other spy agencies can sense the deception and intrigue. To complicate matters further foreign journalists arrive and become involved in the murder investigation and the link to the ancient scripts. It is a race to find the ancient scrolls that hold the secrets to flight.
The world will be impacted by the ancient scrolls if they are found. A tug of war between the ancient protectors of the ancient scripts, the spy agencies, the journalists, and the archaeologist which result in murder, suspense and intrigue.

More details soon

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